Top 10 Best Brands of Luxury Cars in 2022

Brands of Luxury Cars

The car market is cutthroat, and staying on top is challenging. There are numerous brands out there, but only a few Brands of Luxury Cars can make the grade as actual luxury automakers with high-quality products that set them apart from others in their industry.

 At Fueled Exotic Rentals, it’s our job to not only know cars but to study them, push them to their limits and determine which cars are worthy of being part of our luxury car rental fleet. So, we assumed it would be great to share our list of the top 10 luxury car brands today. 

1.Rolls RoyceUK
3.Aston MartinUK
4.Land RoverIndia
10.CadillacUnited States

10. Cadillac:

Cadillac founded in 1902, has been a brand that has designed and built luxury cars. In 1999 they launched their first car. Since then, they’ve been fighting hard and keeping track of their biggest competitor Lincoln Navigator. However, after some time, Cadillac launched Cadillac Escalade, aka their first luxury SUV.  

Being their 5th gen SUV, there is nothing to hate about the 2022 Escalade. The 2022 Escalade has set many luxury companies behind Cadillac, equipped with a 6.2-liter engine that produces up to 40 HP and a luxury interior that is both comfortable seats yet classy simultaneously. Making it the top SUV pick for many car enthusiasts. 

9. Lexus: 

In the Top 10 list of brands of luxury cars, Lexus is ranked in the 9th position. Lexus was the first car that hit the scene in 1989 with its LS400, and its motive was to develop a luxurious car that gave its customers a premium feel. Keeping with their mission, Lexus was the first car brand to introduce a luxury hybrid with the RX400h, and they will surely continue the series of luxury hybrids.

The Lexus LX600, their most luxury car, is equipped with a V-6 twin-turbocharged engine that produces 409 HP. LX 600 Ultra Luxury is equipped with improved rough terrain innovations, for example, Multi-Terrain Select and Active Height control alongside a solid motor to push the limits of capacity. Simultaneously, the travelers in the secondary lounge can partake in a back massage as they take in their favorite movie from the theater setup that incorporates 11.4-inch screens.

8. Audi:

Audi hit the industry in 1885 and launched its first car in 1910. Audi has been one of the top automobile brands since then. Not sticking to just one target market, they have vehicles that span all major segments, from luxury and sports cars to cars that can fit the whole family, making them one of the most versatile automobile manufacturers in the industry. 

Here, however, we are talking about luxury cars, a segment Audi never disappoints, producing one of the most sought-after vehicles in the market, the Audi A8.

A8 is a car loved by many, from teenagers to people in business. A8 produces 335 HP from a turbocharged V-6 engine. The most comfortable suspension system makes it a very comfortable car to drive. While the driver is enjoying that V-6 engine, passengers can relax in their messaging seat while enjoying both car’s beautiful interior and the ride.

7. Porsche:

Porsche came into the automobile industry in 1931, and while known for its supercars, they have not let the luxury consumers down. They produce high-performance vehicles with a fantastic luxury interior and high-end technology that deems them worthy of being labeled as a luxury car.

For example, the Porsche Panamera Turbo S is the most luxurious car Porsche has ever made. With a whopping 4-liter V8 engine and a 100-kilowatt motor, this car produces 690 HP. Designed with both comfort and elegance, the interior and seating of the Panamera do not disappoint. 

If you’re interested in experiencing this luxury car, you can rent one from Fueled Exotic Car Rentals.

6. Mercedes-Benz:

 If you want a mix of sport and luxury, the Mercedes is your brand. They are not specified to a single niche. They build in every car market there is. 

Coming into the market in 1926, the motto of Mercedes was and still is to provide luxury with performance, and they have yet to disappoint.

The most loved and luxurious car Mercedes has developed the S-class, specifically, Mercedes-Maybach S-class. With a high-performance engine and long wheelbase, it’s a perfect car for people who need to relax as they travel to and from the city. This car allows the rider to be driven around without the announcement of focusing on traffic, noise, or even those bumps in the road that make it impossible to work while riding. With a comfortably smooth ride and lots of space, you can eat or even take in your favorite whisky from the mini fridge in the center console of the rear seat while you travel.

While Fueled Exotic Rentals doesn’t offer you the chauffeur experience, we have some great Mercedes cars for you to rent. 

Now let’s enter the top 5 categories of Top 10 Best Brands of Luxury Cars 2022.

5. BMW:

Bayerische Motoren Werke, or BMW, is one of the leading car manufacturing brands. They are leading the rest in every category. BMW was founded in 1916. Since then, BMW has been a part of the top car brands in the world.

We are talking about luxury. The most luxurious car BMW ever produced is the 7-series. It is the most elegant and sophisticated car designed by BMW. With a glass-coated interior and experience of a theater with Bayerische Motoren Werke sound system, the BMW 7-series is one of the benchmarks for the luxury automobile industry.

4. Land Rover:

Land Rover, also known as Range Rover, is one of the top luxury SUV manufacturers. Since 1978 they have made some best luxury SUVs on the market. 

The Range Rover Autobiography is the most luxurious SUV Land Rover has ever made. It was designed with the customer in mind, offering an exquisite experience that is sure to please. From the leather seats and trim to the state-of-the-art features, this car was built for those who demand the best. If you are searching for a vehicle that offers style, comfort, and performance, look no further than the Range Rover Autobiography. You won’t be disappointed.

You can rent your Range Rover from here: Range Rover

3. Aston Martin:

There’s an explanation concerning why the Aston Martin was the handpicked vehicle brand for James Bond himself, and that is because the actual name and, surprisingly, the logo are in a real sense inseparable from extravagance.

Aston Martin came into the industry in 1913 and is one of the companies that still make extraordinary vehicles. 

The DBS Superleggera is the most compelling and luxurious car on the market. This car is equipped with a twin-turbocharged V-12 engine that makes 715 HP and gives you a feel of a very luxury car. Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Interior offers a different universe of features. 

2. Bentley:

Presently this is what a luxury vehicle ought to resemble! Which got going as a somewhat private venture back in 1919 before long became known thanks to its mind-boggling triumphs in the 24h La Mans from 1924, 1927, 1929, and 1930, basically clearing the ground with their opposition constantly.

Bentley is known for its performance and highly luxurious cars, and an excellent example of it is Bentley Continental GT. However, critics rated Bentley Flying Spur the most luxurious vehicle due to its hushed engine and unbelievable interior. Those crystals on the shifter and clock give a supreme feel, and that car’s headlights are mesmerizing.

1. Rolls-Royce:

Rolls Royce is one of the most well-thought car companies that exist. They are the founders of luxury car manufacturing and continue to produce what is considered the gold standard for the luxury car market. 

While every vehicle is an example, it is said that Rolls Royce Phantom is the most luxurious car. It’s handmade with the finest materials and features a smooth, comfortable ride unmatched by any other vehicle. The Phantom also features unique run flat-tire technology that ensures you never have to worry about getting helpless on the side of the road. If you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury and comfort, look no further than the Rolls Royce Phantom.


So, there you have it. Our list of the top 10 brands of luxury cars for 2022. We hope this information was helpful and provides insight into what separates a high-quality luxury car from the rest.

If you are willing to experience what it’s like to drive one of these high-end vehicles, we encourage you to rent a luxury car from us today. With locations in some of the most famous cities in the world, we make it easy for you to sit behind the steering wheel of your dream car no matter where you are. 

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